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Valet Stroller Clips

Go From Shoulder To Stroller a Snap!

Designed especially for fashion-savvy moms in motion, our Valet Stroller Clips come in a PPB monogrammed plastic case and feature a non-skid strap that fits most stroller handles. Valet Stroller Clips also boast our signature chrome snap-hook hardware to compliment the sophistication and style of your Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. For use with the Boxy Backpack, Abundance Boxy Backpack, Hideaway Hobo, City Carryall and the Touring Tote

Important: Not for use on Wistful Weekenders, Sashay Satchels, Cake Cosmopolitan Carryalls. Please read all instructions before using Valet Stroller Clips by PPB®
Before using the diaper bag as a stroller attachment, be sure to determine the safe weight limit of the bag appropriate for the stroller.

PLEASE NOTE: Attachment of a diaper bag that is too heavy may cause the stroller to become unstable and dangerous.

Weight Limit Test:

1. Attach the empty diaper bag to the stroller while the stroller is unoccupied.
2. Once the bag is attached, fill the bag until the weight of the bag threatens to cause the stroller to become unstable or tip over.
3. Always ensure that the bag weighs less than this amount when attaching the bag to the stroller.

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